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The more IT companies in UAE, the more will be the need for cloud services in Dubai. Cloud services is basically the storage services available via a remote cloud computing server. These offer a wide range of services delivered as per the demand of companies and customers on the internet. The main purpose of providing these services is to provide the organizations with utmost ease in accessing the data and resources without the help of any extra external framework or hardware, for that matter. In simple terms, it helps the employees by providing ease of work from emails to coworking on a project on a real-time basis.

Vendors and service providers manage them. The users are provided with strong benefits such as a significant reduction in cost with enhanced efficiency, thereby simplifying the IT infrastructure and yielding higher productivity. It enables the flow of data from the user (front-end client via laptops, desktops, tablets) to the provider’s system and back. Cloud services can be accessed with a computer, Operating System and internet connectivity or a VPN.


Why Use a Cloud Provider?

There are certain advantages to cloud services. Using a cloud provider is an efficient way to access computing services that you would otherwise have to provide on your own.


The foundation of every computing environment. This could include network, databases services, data management, data storage, servers and virtualization.


Ready-to-use applications. This software could be custom or standard applications provided by independent service providers.


The tools needed to create and deploy applications. These platforms could include operating systems, middleware, and runtime environments.

Easy Access

The data can be shared and accessed among multiple users on a real-time basis on any connected device.

Adaptable Scaling

The organization can use the cloud service as per their need and necessity. If there is no longer a need for the services, it is easy to unsubscribe or end the service.

Increased flexibility

Generally, organization needs for the cloud service are different as they are in different sizes and shapes. So to accommodate that, cloud service providers provide their service on a monthly or annual basis, thereby eliminating On-premises licences. This saves the company from investing in hardware infrastructure or its upgradation.

Cloud Services in dubai

Cloud service providers are companies that establish public clouds, manage private clouds, or offer on-demand cloud computing components (also known as cloud computing services) like Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). Cloud services can reduce business process costs when compared to on-premise IT.

IaaS is used when the service provider requires to manage SaaS tools but don’t want to manage it by themselves. It provides the user to compute, network and helps in the storage of data. AWS(Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure are some prominent examples of IaaS.

cloud services dubai

Why cloud services in Dubai ?

Cloud service is the latest technology introduced and cloud services in Dubai unavoidable necessity being a hub for innovation and technology. When you consider Dubai, the most important point is that it is the hub for making a global presence. It is easier to establish a business and grow from the UAE as the business law for an oversea investor is very liberal. Cloud services include different types. Now there are different advantages while taking cloud services into consideration. The cost related to this service is high compared to other IT services and security. Most businesses with a higher volume of data find it difficult to store and operate. This is because there are certain limitations related to the data centre storage kind. 

Advantages of cloud services in dubai

Space consumption is one of the issues. Larger the company, the greater the volume of data which needs to be stored. And secondly in case of any accidents in these data centres, the stored data will be lost forever and would be difficult to retrieve. There are many benefits related to using cloud storage. As many investors and conglomerates are getting attracted to UAE making cloud services in Dubai as a fundamental. Cloud solutions are the future and could be easy to use and have many more benefits. It is the best solution to keep a huge volume of data without getting corrupted with maximum level of security. There is a consultancy which does the job for you. In short they help you in saving your time and make it less complex for you by doing the job for you. And these will be according to your preference of cloud namly- private, hybrid and public. 

There are other services- cloud service, cyber system, system integration, hyper converged infrastructure. The number of business ventures increases so is the need for cloud services in dubai. In short, Dubai has a leading edge in being an IT hub with a global exposure. There are many     


Public vs Managed Private Cloud

Public Cloud Providers


Public cloud providers virtualize their own infrastructure, platforms, or applications from hardware they own, and then pool all that into data lakes that they orchestrate with management and automation software before transmitting it across the internet to their end users.

User Friendly

The type of service that accommodates many customers over the web is termed as Public cloud. All types of providers provide public cloud-based services. It uses standard cloud computing and makes it available to users as free, as a subscription, on-demand payment and pay-per-usage etc. In this, the users are benefited as this has perfect scaling; hence it can be accessed according to user need and demand, thereby reducing the wastage of resources.

Why Public Cloud?

Public cloud is an alternative to traditional On-Premises IT framework. In this public cloud computing a third party provider hosts scaled or On-demand IT resources are provided to customers via internet connection. It provides the framework needed to the host and tools and services which can help in managing the cloud application and storage.

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Managed Private Cloud Providers

Single Purpose

Also known as managed cloud service providers, private cloud providers serve customers a private cloud-deployed, configured, and managed by someone other than the customer. In this architecture, a third-party provider offers services and serves only a single client organization.

Dedicated Services

The system got popularized due to the increasing need for dedicated services and cloud architecture to secure and control the resources. This is very popular in organizations where they prefer to have a much more dIt's a cloud delivery option that helps enterprises with understaffed or underskilled IT teams provide better private cloud services and infrastructure to users. Dedicated cloud framework are very much popular in organizations

Why Private Cloud?

Customers who opt for this service need an efficient cloud framework and require customization. There won't be subscription charges, system admin, infrastructure cost, privately managed service, etc. In brief, it gets the best of public providers and helps the company from tangling itself in the complexities.

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How do I pick a
cloud provider?

Choosing the Best Cloud Services

The best cloud for your enterprise depends on your business needs, the size of your business, your current computing platform and IT infrastructure, and what your goals are for the future—among other things.

Best Cloud Practices as an Example

For example, one of the first things you need to do is evaluate whether using a particular cloud provider aligns with your enterprise strategy.
If it does, the next step is to verify what services you’ll need in your cloud to support this strategy—what cloud technologies will you be able to handle easily within your enterprise, and which would it help you to delegate to a cloud service provider?

Expanding your Development Operations

Having infrastructure, platform, or software that are managed for you can free your business up to better serve your clients, be more efficient in overall operations, and allow more time to look into improving or expanding your development operations (DevOps).

Choosing Your Operating System

You can also do more than just secure your own space within your cloud; you can choose providers who build their cloud solutions on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®

Using a supported, enterprise open source operating system means that thousands of developers are monitoring millions of lines of code in the Linux kernel—finding flaws and developing fixes before errors become vulnerabilities or leaks. An entire organization verifies those fixes and deploys patches without interrupting your applications.

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Let's work together and make great things happen!

Let's work together and make great things happen!

Let's work together and make great things happen!

Let's work together and make great things happen!

Let's work together and make great things happen!