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The modernisation of marketing in this new era has given birth to a new facet called digital marketing. In these times, traditional marketing cannot help an organization to widen target customers because of the introduction of technology. Digital marketing has taken marketing to another level, helping companies cover digital platforms and thereby branding.

 Hence everything has become digital, customer knowledge increased which in effect influenced their preference. A customer now checks the product he/she intends to have and goes through a series of options via online. This is where the role of digital marketing comes into play. Digital marketing can alter the preference of a customer when it comes to their research of the product. It allows companies to brand themselves and gives a broader audience. Traditional marketing uses magazine ads, billboards. It is just the traditional marketing but digitized, modernised and better. These include promotion via search engines, websites, social media, emails and mobile apps. 

Digital marketing does influence the psychology of the target audience.

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About Digital Marketing

Power Of Customers

Digital marketing takes advantage of human perception. It alters the choosing power of a customer. The target audience will be automatically drawn with just a click. Digital marketing gives importance to considering how a customer thinks in one word customer perception. It is a better and cheaper way to market and get a broader spectrum of target audience. In this the company manipulates the strats which can get them noticed by their target groups, which can be specified by age, gender, location, interests etc.

Targeted Audience

Ideally it creates a persona which helps the marketer to identify its target audience and vice-versa. For vice-versa to happen the digital world makes use of something called SEO- Search engine optimization, which allows the marketer to get noticed across web platforms.

An image and few words can speak a lot more than traditional marketing.Digital marketing is that key element which makes an image speak what their target audience wants to listen, A few keywords which can help the marketer to communicate the idea of what needs to be delivered.

Why SEO?

This is also the most inexpensive way of investing in a business hence everything getting digitized investing in blogging, SEO and social media can give a company an extensive reach which has roi.


Neuro Marketing

What is Neuro Marketing?

Consider this example to understand the concept. If an online site has to promote a sale happening in their online business platform, they put it in bold letters, either in white or black, to notice the letter in the background of red. Now the psychology part that plays in our brain in this context is that the red colour has the longest wavelength and is easily noticed and catches our attention and retains longer in the human brain of both genders. This is because our basic emotion is connected with the colour red, which symbolises love right from birth. Now a customer even casually reads this. It retains in his brain unintentionally and maybe high to remember the sale date if they are a part of the target community. This is also a new facet called neuro-marketing, which is the key to digital marketing. 

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