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Web Application Services

Web applications, unlike computer software applications, don’t need an operating system to run. They run on web servers as application softwares. Nowadays web applications are at our fingertips namely for accessing online banking services, retails platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.


Why Web Apps?

client-server program

It is a client-server program which means it has a client-side from which users to the database and server-side stores information. It is the most inexpensive way of making your presence on the digital platform.

Client Side Scripts

This acts as the most effective, cost efficient, broad spectrum mode of communication for billions of businesses. As said earlier it has a client side and server side, there are scripts used on both sides. Client side scripts are in JavaScript and HTML to show the information to the user and server side uses PHP and ASP for extraction and storage of information. This allows the companies to have a full cycle of business from target marketing to making safe and secure transactions. It also helps the e-commerce sector to interact with the users with the assistance of online forms, shopping carts and more.

Easy Transactions

The online business and transactions are the ones taking huge advantage of web applications hence the most reliable mode for all business transactions. They also provide the customers with the power to choose and thereby make a preference on one over the other. It makes the business more perceptive from both sides, the customer and the company.

Real Time

There are certain benefits to these web applications in which the most important are it eliminates the compatibility issues and all users will access the same version from the browser and they reduce the cost on both sides namely in business and end user as less support and maintenance will be needed. There is no need to install web applications in the hard drive thereby eliminating the space utilization and oneof major advantages is that it works across platforms irrespective of the operating systems.

Work flow

What we do

Python 90%
PHP 80%
Javascript 85%
Flutter 85%

The Future

 Elevated usage of the internet in business among companies have influenced the way businesses use to run. In recent years there has been a shift from the traditional way companies due to omnipresent use of web applications. In short the online application of desktop version have created an extensive reach across the platforms and enabled us to access data anywhere, anytime.

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The Outcome

The boon related to web application is that unlike desktop or client-server application web application can be accessed with web browser like Google chrome, Microsoft Explorer, Apple Safari etc. web application monitoring can help tracing transaction from end to end and eradicate challenges happening in the environment or cloud service provider such as Amazon Web Service etc. Web application monitoring basically includes the ability to monitor both encrypted and decrypted sites.

 In general web applications are extensively used in the context of online shopping, webmail, calculators, social media platforms apart from that some applications allow the user to create documents, share and edit the same document by multiple users in real-time.